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Clone DVD application
Need to clone DVD? Download clone DVD application for free and clone every DVD you want including DVD movies, data DVD with files and folders, pictures, backup DVD. Also clone music DVD and other DVD discs you own with all-in-one clone DVD program. Clone DVD to DVD and hard drive,make multiple DVD clones and more with our clone DVD software!

Clone DVD in a few simple steps

Clone My DVD has a very simple and user-friendly interface designed for those who never cloned DVD before. Just follow step-by-step instructions, all you need to do is to insert your DVD into the drive and then put a blank DVD to clone.

Clone DVD without DVD quality loss

This clone DVD program always make 1:1 copy of your DVDs so picture quality, any data or DVD structure never get lost in your DVD clones. Every DVD cloned with Clone My DVD is exactly the same as original DVD, no matter what type of DVD it clones. That's why Clone My DVD is a perfect choice for DVD backup purposes - you may be absolutely sure that you do have an exact 'clone' of your valuable DVDs.

Clone DVD movies with protection

You can clone DVD with protection, clone CSS-encrypted DVD and clone DVD that are region-protected. Unlike many other DVD clone applications Clone My DVD allows you to clone protected DVD movies like any other DVD disks you might have.

Clone DVD to DVD

This DVD cloning option is a number one choice for those who want to create an 1:1 DVD clone. Just insert your original DVD you want to clone, press one button and wait while Clone My DVD is reading your data and preparing for DVD burning. Then insert a blank DVD and wait for burning a DVD clone. If you have two DVD drives you can pick 'one-th-fly' cloning option to copy directly from DVD to DVD. In that case insert your original DVD into one drive and blank DVD into another drive. Direct DVD cloning process in seamless and fast. You can also choose how many DVD copies you want to create.

Clone DVD to ISO

You may choose clone DVD to hard drive in ISO image instead of making a clone on a blank DVD. That's a perfect way to backup your DVDs on your PC and use at any time without DVD disk. Clone My DVD will save the entire DVD structure and data 'as is' making an exact DVD clone in ISO image format.

Clone DVD to 4.7Gb DVD-R

Most DVD movies comes on 9Gb double-layer DVDs. Clone My DVD will ask you to use the same media to clone such DVD movies to preserve original quality and structure. However some users may wanted to make a clone of such DVDs on regular DVD-R, which are cheaper and available in every store. To shrink and copy DVD movies to 4.7Gb DVD please download One-click DVD Shrinker software.

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With our clone DVD program you can:

- Clone DVD to DVD;
- Clone DVD to hard drive (ISO);
- Clone CD to CD and hard drive;
- Clone data, video, audio and other content;
- Make true DVD clone;
- Preserve DVD content and picture clarity in your DVD clones;
- Clone protected DVD movies;
- Clone any DVD (DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD-RAM);
- Clone both NTSC and PAL DVD movies;